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Dixie Belle Paint Company

Dixie Belle Synthetic Brushes

Dixie Belle Synthetic Brushes

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Vegan-Friendly USA-made synthetic brushes are made specifically for long-lasting use. Dixie Belle brushes are a specially formulated mixture of Nylon and Polyester tapered filament in different lengths and diameter ratios. This mixture was developed to provide the right amount of stiffness while also providing enough flex with bend recovery. The amount of tapered filament used in the mixture allows for a smooth release of the paint application onto a surface evenly.

Dixie Belle synthetic brushes are able to keep their shape without becoming deformed when used in Dixie Belle water-based paints as their stiffness changes very little. These brushes were developed to be to be dense having a lot more filament in them than you typically would with these size brushes

One of the more important parts of these brushes is the finishing process done to the ends of the filament. There is the right amount of tipping which grinds each filament tip to a finer point and flagging which splits the end of the filament tip like natural hair. Both the tipping and flagged is performed to specific depths on each filament strand. The flagging allows for more paint pickup, to cover more space and laying paint down smoothly on a surface. 

  • All brushes are sold individually, not as a set.
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